First Degree & Diploma Studies

First Degree & Diploma Studies

If you are still deciding where to study, we hope you will choose UWC, one of South Africa`s finest universities. It has a proud history. It knows where it is going. And it is at the cutting edge in several areas.

The right choice
This prospectus gives you an overview of the academic options available at UWC. In addition, it contains useful information about campus life and facilities, and important guidance about residence on campus, student financial assistance, and fees. Application and registration procedures are also outlined. International students will find their particular needs addressed in the final section.

There is much more information on the UWC website: We suggest you visit it and browse through the faculties and departments that interest you. Most of them have general information, recent news and highlights, particulars of programmes they offer, and biographical and professional details of their staff available.
Finally, there` s no substitute for making contact. We look forward to discussing your needs and interests with you in person. Contact particulars are provided on the faculty pages. Those interested in postgraduate studies can speak to staff in the relevant departments.

Using this Prospectus
The contents page gives you a good idea of how to use this prospectus. There are also many cross-references in the text. However, a few words of explanation may be helpful.
Like many other universities, UWC is divided into faculties, each responsible for a particular area of knowledge. A faculty is subdivided further into departments, centres, schools, and institutes, each with a particular area of responsibility. UWC has seven faculties: Arts (languages, social sciences, and Theological Studies), Community and Health Sciences, Dentistry, Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Law and Natural Sciences.

Each of these faculties has an entry in the next section and a share in the postgraduate pages. The faculty pages contain two kinds of information. Firstly, there is a short piece that summarises the essence of the faculty. Secondly, there is a section with information about the first degrees and other primary qualifications the faculty offers, including the main programmes. In addition, this section gives information on entrance requirements, and some idea of the career paths open to a faculty graduate. Postgraduate details are not given on the faculty page. For this information, turn to the section on postgraduate studies and research.

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