Prof T Pretorius

Welcome and thank you for visiting the University of the Western Cape online. Our website provides a wealth of information about the University, its sense of purpose, exciting academic offerings, cutting-edge research and wonderful people – students and staff – who truly make us proud. We speak fondly of our institution as a nurturing and vibrant intellectual space: a place of quality, a place to grow, from hope to action, through knowledge.
I am humbled and feel privileged to be appointed as the 7th Rector and Vice-Chancellor from the first of January 2015. I have just returned to UWC after an absence of almost ten years and I must confess, the UWC I knew before I left and the UWC I have returned to are significantly different. Under the able leadership of my predecessor this university emerged to become one of the nation’s formidable intellectual powerhouses, which is held in high esteem by its peers.
I am sure that when you read about UWC’s rich history, its proud intellectual experience and its remarkable success stories you will not only understand my excitement about its future potential but also appreciate why this university carries such a special place in the hearts of so many South Africans and institutions abroad.
This year we will register a diverse mix of more than 22 000 undergraduate, postgraduate and international students across seven faculties, each offering an exciting array of study options. UWC is nationally recognized as a leader in several niche areas, it is the sole provider of key programmes such as Dentistry and Pharmacy in the region and it has some of the most modern teaching and research facilities on the African soil. The university’s main campus, set adjacent to the Cape Flats Nature Reserve, is strategically located in the geographic heart of the Cape Town metropolitan area.
I trust that you will find our website informative and useful. Whether you join this website locally or from the other side of the world, we thank you for your interest in our university. And if you are a prospective student with the potential, the necessary drive and the academic discipline to make this your intellectual home, our talented and committed academic and professional support staff will ensure that you are on your way to success.
Once again welcome to the website and we encourage you to become part of this great institution, affectionately called UDUBS.
Professor Tyrone Pretorius

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